I was raised to believe, and taught
Of a hereafter, called Heaven,
Where troubles and pain would be naught,
A world of peace and blessing

Children were God’s gifts of love
From the hand of a loving Creator,
A Father fair, just, far above
Our worldly cravings.

To-day, war, strife, disillusionment,
Money, oil, treasures and gold,
Of a race drowning in selfish confusion
Wealth their ambitious goal.

A world, where babies, still unborn
Are torn through flesh and grit,
From the haven of their womb homes,
Just like clammy hay in a silage pit.

An evil power is on the rampage,
Overpowering weak minds,
Convincing them there is no Heaven.
Loot, rob, murder, the world chimes.

The present trying to over power the future
But to the wise man, Heaven is quite near
The Creator is as real to-day, as He was yesterday.
And to-morrow will be JUDGE SUPREME.