He lay on the road,
On a carpet of red liquid,
His own blood flowing freely,
Two bullets had tunneled
Through the muscle and fibre
Of his love filled heart,
She knelt over him,
Sobbing hysterically
Bending, thumping, crying,
Her tears flowing
Over his motionless body,
Her first date with him,
He, who earlier joked
In the happy throes
Of teenage love,
And his words,
“Give us a kiss, Love,”
But she declined in girlish
modesty, answering;
“Later, for goodness sake,”
With her two fingers
She proceeded to close his nostrils,
Shaking, sobbing, screaming,
She pressed her soft warm lips
On his opened mouth,
Continuing to breathe air
Back into his reluctant lungs.
For a faint moment, she thought
She saw a glimmer of a smile,
As her lips closed over his,
Then, she felt the warmth
Escaping forever,
Her first kiss, a disaster,
The kiss of life had failed.

Copyright Máiréad Tuohy Duffy (C)2004