The Glen Hotel in Ashford,

That hall beyond compare,

Was stunned by two young dashers,

A blonde and a gent so fair.

The night it was a Friday,

And ’54 the year,

When Kate and Esha tidied

And off to Ashford sped.

Indeed they both looked smashing,

No doubt they deemed to break,

A few soft hearts so dashing,

A German and  his mate.

The dance was gay and lively,

And Esha cast an eye

At a blondie youth ablooming,

And gave him ladies choice.

Now Kate she danced with Brendan,

So tall and yet so slim,

A German boy so lovely,

Its you I think I’ll win.

Then when each dance was over,

The girls would meet and talk,

“You have Des, says Kitty

And I’ll have Brendan Tall.”

But then a queer sensation,

Came over both the pairs,

And next in deep vexation,

They changed their partners fair.

Kate, she looked so stately,

Above poor Des so small,

And Esha’s neck was strained as

She looked at Brendan tall.

Our coats, we must now gather,

Says Kate to Esha then,

Fly quickly to the cloakroom,

And don’t delay the men,

Seconds flew to minutes,

And then an hour had gone,

“I wonder ’bout these women,”

Said the boys with faces long.

For in had walked a stalward man,

Gerry  from Offaly fair

From the town of Edenderry,

Holy Mack I do declare.

So the rest you can imagine

The motorcar was started,

It sped along the road,

Behind was Kate so happy,

For Des she did adore,

In front with eyes

that shone so bright,

Were Esha and Gerry brave,

No doubt their hearts

were gay and bright

She’d do anything for his sake.