So many tell me thay can’t sleep,
When they lie down at night,
I’ll give you now, the remedy,
Which will ease your soul and mind.

Stretch out your limbs and close your eyes,
And gaze through vision’s door,
Just grasp your Guardian Angel’s hand,
Go through soothing clouds, afloat.

You and your Guardian Angel
In the blink of your own eye,
Can travel o’er the world,
To the moon or stars on high.

Higher up and Higher,
You both will float each night,
Without a care or worry
Your mind feels strong and bright.

But as you float near Heaven,
The Lord is standing there,
Just rest upon His shoulder,
And leave your problems there.

Your eyes may feel quite drowsy,
Your heart feels God’s own peace,
The Angel guards your breathing
Then gently rubs your cheek.

Remember, morning, noon and night,
Your Angel’s always there
So greet your faithful friend of light,
Send forth a grateful prayer.

Copyright Máiréad Tuohy Duffy (C)1997