Twelve months have passed,
Since he departed.
Five months since she,
Left us suddenly,
One September night.
I loved them both.
She was gentle, generous,
Full of knowledge,
Brilliant to, talk,
His voice deep, soft, beautiful,
History he knew in abundance,
He was cool, calm, intelligent,
Witty, jovial, full of life,
He was solid, reliable,

Yet proud, dignified,
I loved him deeply,
With an admiring affection.
Holy in its existence,
Miss him, I always will,
No matter how long the wait,
Or how far away the sod laden mound,
Of dark green scraths ,
Covering one so elegant in speech,
So loved and admired by all.
She lies near him,
My heart aches, just to think,
She is gone forever,
She was my world, my ideal, my all.
A week, ere she departed,
I looked at her smilingly and said,
“See you next week, Mum,”
Her frail body moved,
Her skin covered bones leaned out,
Her worn pain tortured face
Braved a gentle smile,
Her weak voice whispered,
“I’ll always be delighted to see you,”
She never saw me again., I saw her.
But gone was her sweet gentle smile,
Her lips were closed tightly,
Her eyes shut in death’s canopy,
A dark shadow filled my heart.
Death had taken from me
Treasures very dear.
I felt strange, changed,
Careless, hurt, dejected.
O God, I almost deserted You.
But now I realise,
You only borrowed them,
To adorn Your heavenly domain.

Copyright Máiréad Tuohy Duffy (C) 1975