Never lose heart, if you once have failed,
Thrice, St. Peter denied his Lord,
But rose to become His favourite saint,
The Rock of His Church,was his reward.

Rid depression, by closing your eyes,
Take once again, your Angel’s hand,
Silent prayer is the ladder to God
Float far from troubles of sea and land.

Make amends for mistakes, long ago,
See the brightness of the dawn,
Forget the dark and midnight blues,
Life is like a fleeing fawn.

Look all trouble in the face,
Never sit alone to cry,
Many the outstretched hand out there,
Awaiting to help you stand and climb.

Do to-day, what you feel is right,
Never put off the morrow’s chores,
Look at life with an outlook bright,
Leave all problems at Heaven’s door.

Enjoy the moment as it is,
Be thankful for each gift and grace,
This world of ours is the testing ground,
Preparing us to see God’s face.

Máiréad Tuohy Duffy ©1999