In gentle meditation,
Just greet your God each day,
You’ll find it quite relaxing
When you daily kneel in prayer.

In the silence of the moment
Your Angel tells you how
To speak to Him, who made you.
This holy blessed hour.

Like a soft breeze in the evening,
All cares are blown away,
The lulling sounds of Angels’ wings,
Are balm and full of grace.

Then closer to your very soul,
Is God with His Heavenly choir.
They’ll help you bear your earthly pain,
With angelic soothing light.

They’ll give you courage daring,
And heal your dreads and fright,
You’ll never feel alone again,
You’ll master earthly strife.

So close your eyes and meditate,
In bus, or train or plane,
You’ll find each moment well worth while,
And smiles will grace your face.

Máiréad Tuohy Duffy ©1997