It came from a stream in the mountain,
Flowed down over heather and dew,
To a clean pebbled well, a clear fountain
Water fresh healthy and pure.

Taken one day in a barrel
By a Sacristan old without fault,
Poured into a font in the chapel
He added a wee bag of salt.

The priest blessed the water one morning,
He prayed with fervour and love,
Expelling all bad evil spirits
Begging help from his God up above.

The water was now blessed and holy,
Medicine for body and soul
Small babies baptised in their innocence,
Got graces and blessings untold.

Mid thunder and lightning and tempests
The water was sprinkled with care
Preserved all people from danger
Gave them courage, piety and dare.

Holy water just sprinkled around them
Sent devils scampering in fear,
No more could they enter the household
Or torture God’s children down here.

The graves of our folks who have left us
Were blessed with this water so clear,
Their bodies and coffins were sprinkled
On their way to Heaven’s bright sphere.

I appeal to the Mothers of Ireland
Those women, the household’s backbone,
Place a font of water so holy
Inside every room in your home.

Mairead Tuohy Duffy (C) 2017