A heaven on earth was created,
A town on the blue Irish sea,
So near the bright lights of the city
Surrounded by mountains and trees.

Bri Chualann, Bri Chualann,
A Stor geal mo chroi,
Bri Chualann, Bri Chualann,
A Stór geal mo chroií

The gateway of Wicklow’s green county,
Which harboured our heroes of old,
O’Toole and O’Byrne once fought there,
Defending their rights from their foes.
Repeat Chorus.

They sing of Killarney in Kerry,
They boast of the beauty of Clare,
But here lies a haven so lovely,
The Paris of Ireland is Bray.

Repeat Chorus.

{ d : s.l ! f: s ! t.l : s.r !

{ m: f ! t: l.s ! r.f : m !

{ s: s! l: s.s ! t.l: s.r !

{ m.f : t ! l: s.r ! m: m.d !!


{ d: m ! f: l ! s : m ! s: t.l ! s: f.m!

{ d: m ! f; l ! s; m ! s; l.t ! d’ : d.d !

Copyright Máiréad Tuohy Duffy (C)2004