“Angels Over Ireland” is written to enlighten others that they are never alone, because right beside each human is his/her very own Guardian Angel and quite often forgotten about. One’s angel should be looked on as a BEST FRIEND, a doctor, counsellor, adviser, helper through out ones’ journey in this life. One is never, never alone, and your own very special angel will be with you right into eternity. From the Bible to this present day, angels are making their presence felt, but some of us take a long time to realise their worth. The religious poems in this book deal with every walk in life from not being able to sleep to “Meditation” and respect for our devoted clergy to the humble Holy Water. “Angels Over Ireland” tells us about the trials most of our favourite saints went through, when the Angel of Evil, the Devil, tormented them. It consoles us to realise that the holiest of people were tempted, and like Mary Magdalene , Augustine, and many more, we are only human and God Our Father is a loving forgiving Daddy waiting to take us as we stand before Him, accompanied by our Guardian Angels.

ISBN 0-9520289-5-6

Published March 2000

Obelisk Publishers,
26 Thomastown Road,
Co. Dublin,

This book is out of print.