Dear Comrades from Wexford so gallant,

Who welcomed us all with such cheer,

Opponents, though friends true forever,

Champions as brave as could be.

Ye Sons of a county so famous,

Ye travelled from Wexford to teach,

The tennis to Runners in Wicklow,

Who value this honour indeed.

In our own club in Wicklow, we’ve comfort,

A committee grand, without fault,

Through them, we have made friends so noble,

Champions from Wexford so staunch.

Friendship’s a true gift from Heaven,

Bestowed on all creatures to cheer,

This friendship, we found in old Wexford,

We appreciate it all so, sincere.

Last, I would wish you all present,

A heart’s wish, though humble it be,

God’s blessing go with you forever,

God guard our two committees.