It was a night of peace and quiet,

A night in Autumn fair,

The lashing waves so lightly,

The Wicklow rocks did spray.

The night in Fair September,

The Tennis Club was born,

And then a short   week later,

The committee was formed.

This committee consisted of

Three boys ,not stern, but sound,

John Durcan, he was chairman,

Efficient! without a doubt.

The Mayo boys so steady,

Backed by Pat Kelly too,

Sean Cuffe so tall and stately,

And the hasty Corkman, Hugh.

Mick Howlan Hail and hearty,

Likes the tennis fire till ten,

And then shy Martin Foley,

With Rita rushes in.

Tony Forestal, young and innocent,

The fires, he loves to light,

Bob Daughton blushes shyly,

“Have pluck”, says Ned Dwyer.

Kit Heeney, fine and cheery,

To Tom Tobin, she is a dear,

Says Tom,”You do look smashing”,

“Honest to Faith, you sure have cheek”.

And then that petite wee girl,

Her name is Una fair,

She says she is a pity,

With John Durcan on her trail.

Maureen, that blonde from Kerry,

At Mick Butler winks her eye,

Jer and Esha drumming chairs,

By the fire, they sit each night.

Marie Kirwan likes her teacher,

Andrew from Wicklow town,

And Angela. a trickster,

With Pat Kelly swings around.

Tennis to Kate Wallace,

Is her only cherished love,

Mick Howlan may be winking,

Likewise Hugh and Bob.

Deirdre, quiet, but willing,

Links Sean Connolly from Mayo fair,

Pat Duffy cool and “aisy”,

With his note book in mid air.

Lena is a shy wee girl,

Who comes from Limerick fair,

Hugh Murray loves her dearly,

He surely will get there.

Then came in a grand young man,

Richard Cuffe was his name,

He proved to be the player best,

So trophies came our way.

Last I ask you, Comrades,

To take this verse in fun,

Goodbye, Good luck, God bless you,

And now I’m on the run.