On May the first, three boys set sail

Across the Irish Sea,

Three boys with virtues loyal and fair,

Characters true, sincere.

The club is losing sunbeams,

Three dashing friends so kind,

No matter where we members look,

No three like these we’ll find.

Now age is always honorable,

So here’s Pat Kelly on his feet,

Hardworking, dashing, fighting,

No opponent, he fears to meet.

At times, he may lose his temper,

And words may fly like sleet,

But deep within that Irish chest,

There’s a heart of gold beneath.

Ned Dwyer, our friend so sober,

An example to all he is,

So cool, sincere and steady,

I admire his pluck and skill.

He may not get excited,

Or lose his temper still,

But a nature grand of calmness,

We’ve never met or will.

Sean Cuffe, our champion captain,

A boy with virtues, bright,

A hidden hero humble,

So shy, sincere and kind,

He never hurt one’s feelings,

Nor said an uncalled for word,

And the Isle of Green is losing,

A son so rare and good.

“Slan libh, Pat, Sean and Eddie,

May life’s path be smooth forever,

May health be good and wholesome,

Then wealth and riches rare.

Be loyal to God and Ireland,

Be brave when troubles near,

These are just good wishes

From Kitty, Esha and me.